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Triggers Colts Cricket League


By-laws & Directives 



Name and Purpose

a. The organization Triggers Colts Cricket League (hereby TCCL), is a subsidiary of Triggers Club (hereby TCC), a non-profit organization.

b. The purpose of TCCL is to provide physical, recreational and competitive cricket experiences for youth in Texas State.


Executive Committee

a. Executive members (hereby EC) shall aid the League Director of the League in governing League members, volunteers, and players. It shall manage and govern the operations of the League. It shall determine compliance with the League’s stated purpose and shall have the power and authority to do and perform all acts or functions consistent with these bylaws or the bylaws of the governing body Triggers Cricket Club.

b. TCCL EC shall consist of five voting Members.

c. Each EC Member shall have one vote on any matter submitted to the TCCL EC. League Director shall call for voting by Email within 72 Hours.

d. A Seasonal meeting of the TCCL EC shall be held at the end of each season at such time and place shall be designated by the League Director. The purposes of Seasonal meetings shall be to introduce new members of TCCL EC and to transact such other business as may be desirable.

e. TCCL EC shall hold meetings during the season of the League as needed. (Meetings may also be held via telephone conference call)

f. TCCL EC Members shall make all reasonable efforts to attend scheduled meetings. Failure to make sufficient meetings to address the business of operations of the League may result in dismissal of the EC Member.

g. TCCL EC Members shall be present at all events as scheduled by League Director.


Officers of the Organization

a. Officers of the League shall consists of League Director (appointed by TCC Board of Directors), and TCC representative (appointed by TCC Board of Directors). Each of the three long standing clubs of TCCL league with continuous participation shall appoint an Officer. Any unfilled vacancies for more than 15 days shall be appointed by the League Director. Any Officer shall be replaced after 60 days term by the respective appointing body.

b. Duties of the League Director

i. The League Director shall be the executive officer of the League and shall, subject to the control of TCCL EC, have general supervision, direction and control of the operations and affairs of the League.

ii. The League director shall preside at all meetings of the TCCL EC.

iii. The League Director shall report back to Triggers Cricket Club Board of Directors any transactions pertaining to the business of the League.

Operational decisions shall be submitted in written form no later than 5 business days after respective meeting.


Finances of Organization

a. Financial and monetary decisions of the Organization will be handled exclusively by TCC Executive Committee.

b. TCC Treasurer shall manage all financial transactions and provide financial report to TCCL League Director.

c. Registration fees for each season shall be set by TCCL EC.

d. Each League Season TCCL League Director shall plan all league expenses not exceeding the revenue collected through League registration fees.



a. Operations Committee

Every year League Director shall appoint Three Committee members for that year. This committee shall manage the following league operations:

i. League Game Scheduling and Umpiring Assignments

ii. League Finance Management

iii. Awards declarations

iv. Monitor Code of Conduct, Enforce discipline, Address conflicts

v. Enroll youth in various programs

b. Advisory Board

Every year League Director shall appoint up to six Advisory board members for that year. This board shall oversee the following:

i. Governance of the overall youth program

ii. Recommendations for growth and development

iii. Helping in Organizational planning        

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